Air Assistant Airless Auto Spray Gun


1.Lowest paints rebound can reduce the paint dust in the spray booth.

2.Two ways assistant air orifice not only adjust the pattern width,but also could get thorough atomization effect.

3.With medium-pressure paint pump can get good atomization and save the equipment invest.

4.Use the valve of Wolfam Carbonize, can long time keep the airtight precision.

5.Form the thick painting membrane easily.

6.Not easy to be limited by painting viscosity, medium & high viscocity paints still can use.

7.Spray formed in parallet shape,and very steady.


1.Wooden of work piece sealer and top coat.

2.Teflon spray coating.

3.Kitchen cabinet gate or door pallet sprays coating.

4.Spray coating of metal work piece or plastic work piece of big plane.