Features ;

-The machine is applicable for UV, PU ,NC and water-based lacquer panit.Suitable for surface coating for various K/D furniture, wooden

toys and composite figures, etc.

-The gap for paint can be synchronously adjusted at both ends. The gap is indicated by a counter. With this accurate adjustment, you get

uniform distribution of coating and paint saving.

-Powerful panit delivery pump features quiet running and adjustable panit flow rate.No panit deterioration due to temperature growth.

Panit surplus is delivered to a collection tank for return-flow to the paint tank, which can be reused without waste.

-The conveyor belt is manufactured from high quality synthetic resin, featuring no breakage, and it is easy to clean off the paint pollution.

-The panit tank is equipped with a heater.Incase panit temperature is too low, it can be heated to ensure normal operation.

-The machine is available to operate with an extra long infeed roller conveyor.