Wood Milling Machine

Model : CF-60S

Shown with optional magnetic starter and cutterhead cover limit switch protection (Optional)

-Double Spindle Round Rod Milling Machine, designed for cutting stick from square into round rod, cutting stick up to 60mm in diameter.

-Better than a single head machine, the CF-60S twin head machine offers smoother surface and saves finish time.

-Built with 2 cutterheads, provides coarse and finish cutting sequence in one pass.

-Excellent for making round rod as material like wood, rattan, acrylic and similar material.

-4 cutting feed speeds to suit the various materials.

-Maximum safety is guarantted by such features as feed rolls guard, fully enclosed transmission parts.

-Magnetic switch control. (CF-60S)

-Patented multiple cutterheads NO. 36565

-Patented feed rolls guard NO. 37270

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