Machines for the application of  hotmelt glues like EVA, PUR or APAO on flat surfaces, gypsum, insulating plates or similar materials.

Barberán advantages

-High speed production

-Inmediate panel manipulation. No curing necessary as the panel is not wet and the rubber roller is adapted perfectly on the surface while gluing.

-Easy adjustment of the grammage

Related Products

01.Applicator roller fast changing system

-Allows to replace the applicator roller fast and easy avoiding long downtimes.

02.Travelling castors

-Motorized travelling castors and guides for shifting the machine out of the line for cleaning and maintenance tasks.

03.Melter for hotmelt products

-Different capacities, sizes and types, with gear pump, pneumatic pump.

04.Tiltable in/outfeed conveyor

-Driven roller tiltable in/outfeed conveyor.