Pneumatic Clamp Carrie


– Employ pneumatic impact tool

– Choice of 6, 8, 20, 30 and 40 sections of clamps.

– Especially ideal for composing solid boards for furniture industry.

– For building materials, furniture, table top and chair seat.



-Suitable for small-lot production in furniture factory and material preparation factory.

-Employs pneumatic impact tool for easy operation, fast and efficient production.

-One set of pneumatic panel flateners.

-Ruggedly constructed throughout for maximum rigidity and stability






Optional Equipment

1.CE model.

2.Impact tool.

3.Panel flatners 1~6 sets.

4.Clamp working height 5″.

5.Clamp working length: 30″, 38″, 44″, 50″, 52″ and 63″



-The clamp body is manufactured from steel.

-The rear jaw is manufactured from ductile iron for superior strength and durability.

-Exclusively designed reinforcing collar on front jaw.

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