Brush Roller Head Swiveling The brush roller head can be swivlled 15。 Rightward and leftward to suit wood grain direction that greatly upgrades product quality.


Features :

-A New Generation of stain Distribution Macchine

-The suoerior construction and performance in combination with high-density brush rollers thoroughly bursh paint into the porosity of wood grain. This not only greatly upgrades solid effect while creating finer surface quality.

-Brush Roller Supported at Both Ends

-Unlike single end design on a conventional machine. The brush roller on this machine is firmly supported by extra large posts. This special support design provides a dramatic increase of processing stability and longer service life of brush roller.

-Quick change of Brush Roller

-The brush roller is fixed by a rail. When replacing the brush roller is required, simply pulling out the brush roller along the rail for added convenience in replacement.

-Powerful Vacuum Suction Conveyor Belt

-The conveyor belt employs a powerful vacuum suction device, that allows work piece to be sucked securely on the conveyor belt for extra smooth feed.